Bona Products Ireland

Bona Products   Wood floors are timeless and beautiful, they will never go out of fashion. Homeowners are more mindful of how they take care of their wood floors to ensure they retain their beauty for as long as possible, they are looking for high quality wood floor cleaners, wood floor refreshers, wood floor polishes, […]

Spray Mops

Spray Mops   What is a spray mop? How do you use a spray mop? What brands are the best? Can I order spray mops online? What is the difference between a spray mop and a cotton mop? Is there one mop for all floors? What types of microfiber heads are available?   When the […]

Cinderella Spray Mop

Cinderella Wood Floor Cleaning Kit

Cinderella Wood Floor Cleaning Kit   In many households in Ireland people just don’t know what to use to deep clean their wood floors. There are hundreds of wood floor cleaners and wood floor cleaning systems and kits out there and they all promise to be the best wood floor cleaning system in the world […]

Bona Cleaning Kit

Bona Wood Floor Cleaning Kit

Bona Wood Floor Cleaning Kit Most of the floor polish brands have their own cleaning & maintenance kits. These kits usually come as a package deal and work out much cheaper than buying item by item. Bona Wood Floor Cleaning Kit is the same. It provides you with all the necessary tools and cleaning products […]