Bona Products Ireland

Bona Products   Wood floors are timeless and beautiful, they will never go out of fashion. Homeowners are more mindful of how they take care of their wood floors to ensure they retain their beauty for as long as possible, they are looking for high quality wood floor cleaners, wood floor refreshers, wood floor polishes, […]

Cleanfast Scrub Clean Floor Cleaner

Cleanfast Scrub Clean – Data Sheet

  PRODUCT INFORMATION SHEET   SCRUB CLEAN LOW FOAM HEAVY DUTY FLOOR CLEANER   PRODUCT INFORMATION:   Concentrated alkaline cleaner for the rapid & effective removal of fat, grease, grime, oil & ingrained soiling from vinyl, rubber, concrete, stainless steel, ceramic & painted floor surfaces to leave a grease free non slip surface. Ideal for […]

Cleanfast Mop Shine

Cleanfast Mop Shine – Data Sheet

PRODUCT INFORMATION SHEET   MOP SHINE NEUTRAL FLOOR CLEANER   PRODUCT INFORMATION: Multi-purpose neutral floor & hard surface cleaner suitable for manual use, spray burnishing or through scrubber dryer machines, designed to clean & shine all hard floor surfaces to leave a streak free finish & a lemon fresh fragrance. _________________________________________________________   ADVANTAGES: GENERAL PURPOSE […]

Craftex Floor Cleaner

Floor Cleaning Products & Floor Maintainers

Floor Cleaning Products & Floor Maintainers There are so many different types of floor cleaning products and floor maintenance products that it is easy to get confused. There are also hundreds of types of floors, some should be cleaned with specific floor cleaning products and some can be cleaned with universal floor cleaning products, but […]

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Floor Cleaning Products

Floor Cleaning Products   There are hundreds of floor cleaning products of all strength and qualities. You can chose between very acidic floor cleaners, semi acidic floor cleaning products and soft floor cleaning products or floor maintainers. Using the wrong type of floor cleaning agent to wash a floor it could result in damages being […]


Marmoleum Cleaning Products

Marmoleum Cleaning Products More and more schools and public buildings are having marmoleum floors fitted. Marmoleum floors are designed to look beautiful and last for years if cleaned and sealed right. The staff in many places in which marmoleum floors are fitted are not trained at all in how to properly clean and maintain the […]

Floor Maintainer

Floor Cleaning Products

Floor Cleaning Products   There are hundreds of types of floors and there are even more floor cleaning products. Knowing what type of cleaning product to use where is one of the most important things. Many people and companies are using the wrong floor cleaning products to clean their floors. By using the wrong type […]

Evans Apeel Orange Cleaner

Evans Apeel Orange Cleaner   A multi purpose organic cleaner made from naturally derived materials. Evans Apeel has a very thick composition and it has also a very high dilution ratio. Evans Apeel is a multi purpose cleaning product that can be used for all types of cleaning jobs. Being a great degreaser it is […]


Evans Pine Gel Floor Cleaner

Pine Gel Floor Cleaner Evans Pine Gel is by far the most affordable highly concentrated floor cleaner. One of the longest lasting cleaning products. Evans Pine Gel is a thick and highly perfumed floor cleaning product that was designed for use on any type of floor. Its low ph and low alkalinity has made Pine […]