Cleanfast Cream Pearl Soap

Cleanfast Cream Pearl Hand, Body & Hair Wash – Data Sheet

  PRODUCT INFORMATION SHEET   CREAM PEARL HAND, HAIR & BODY WASH   PRODUCT INFORMATION: Pearlized, fragranced, hair & body shampoo. Suitable for all hair & skin types. Cleans & conditions to remove general soils, light oils & greases. Ideal for use in Hotels, Gyms & Sporting Clubs etc _________________________________________________________   ADVANTAGES: GENTLE FORMULATION: Contains […]

Thick Hand Soap

Cleanfast Luxury Hand Soap 500 ML

Buy It Here Cleanfast Luxury Hand Soap 500 ML   As a business owner, it is your responsibility to take good care of your worker and customer’s health. A good employer will go beyond his means to ensure that his staffs have high morale which leads to high productivity. When you treat your workers well, […]


Orchard Fresh Hand Soap

Buy It Now   Cleanse Your Hands With The Orchard Fresh Hand Soap You come into contact with germs every day of your life. From the people you greet, surfaces you touch to the objects you handle, the germs cling onto your hands and multiply. And since you usually end up touching your eyes, nose […]


Ocean Blue Hand Soap

Buy It Now     A Look At The Ocean Blue Hand Soap Hand washing is a standard practice. Almost everyone does it before handling food or eating, and after visiting the washroom. The value of such hand sanitisation practices is drummed into kids when they are still young. However, that still doesn’t cover all […]

Evans Ocean Blue
Pink Pearl Shampoo

Commercial Liquid Hand Soap

Commercial Liquid Hand Soap There are domestic hand soaps and there are commercial liquid hand soaps. If you manage a company or if you are in charge of bathroom supplies, you should have a look at our liquid hand soaps. Unlike the domestic hand soap, the commercial liquid hand soap can be bought in 5 […]

Hand Soap & Body Washer

Hand Soap & Body Washer   If you are a school principal, a business owner, a gym owner etc. with toilet facilities being regularly used by members of the public you know that hand washing facilities are vital to prevent the spread of bacteria. There are hundreds of hand soaps out there and how would […]