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Have You Heard Of Bona Products?

You might have heard a lot about Bona Wood Care products but have you tried them yet? People recommend Bona products because they are fantastic quality and they treat wood floors with the care and respect they deserve. Wood floors need gentle care, they need to be cleaned like any other type of floor but […]

Bona Products

Bona Care For Your Floor’s Protection

Bona Care For Your Floor’s Protection The Brand Bona is a globally-renowned brand when it comes to floor care- and with good reason. You don’t survive in a highly competitive industry for close to 100 years without having the edge. Founded in 1919 by Wilhelm Edner, the family-owned company that’s headquartered in Sweden has been […]

How To Use Bona Wood Floor Spray Mop

Bona Wood Floor Spray Mop – What is it & who needs it? You have wooden floors, do you know how to properly clean and maintain them without causing damage and dulling their natural beauty? Your floors were most likely very expensive and they should bring long lasting charm and character to your home if properly […]

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Bona Cleaning Pad

Bona Cleaning Pad Over the past few years the floor cleaning industry has changed dramatically with the invention of microfiber flat mops, microfiber pads, mopping systems and very efficient floor cleaning products. One of the best and most handy inventions was Bona Cleaning Pad. Jobs that used to take a lot of tools can now […]