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Bona Care For Your Floor’s Protection

Bona Care For Your Floor’s Protection The Brand Bona is a globally-renowned brand when it comes to floor care- and with good reason. You don’t survive in a highly competitive industry for close to 100 years without having the edge. Founded in 1919 by Wilhelm Edner, the family-owned company that’s headquartered in Sweden has been […]


How to deal with pet scratches on wood floors

How to deal with Pet Scratches on Wood Floors   You love your pets, they are part of your family. They may share your home and move around freely and totally unrestricted. If you have wood floors this can pose a problem. It is important to ensure your pets nails are kept trimmed to avoid […]

Floor Polish For Sale

Floor Polish Most people have heard about floor polishes but most people don’t know what type of floor polish works on what floor. With so many floor polishes available on the market there is little surprise that many people are using the wrong type of floor polish for the wrong type of floor. Using a […]