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Bona Care For Your Floor’s Protection

Bona Care For Your Floor’s Protection The Brand Bona is a globally-renowned brand when it comes to floor care- and with good reason. You don’t survive in a highly competitive industry for close to 100 years without having the edge. Founded in 1919 by Wilhelm Edner, the family-owned company that’s headquartered in Sweden has been […]

Bona Cleaner For Oiled Floors – Premium Oiled Floor Cleaner

Bona Cleaner for Oiled Floors   Oiled wood floors differ from varnished or lacquered floors so need to be treated differently. It is for this reason that Bona have created this fantastic cleaning product which is specifically for oiled floors. With varnished or lacquered floors the finish generally sits on top of the wood creating […]


How to deal with pet scratches on wood floors

How to deal with Pet Scratches on Wood Floors   You love your pets, they are part of your family. They may share your home and move around freely and totally unrestricted. If you have wood floors this can pose a problem. It is important to ensure your pets nails are kept trimmed to avoid […]

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Bona Wood Floor Care & Maintenance Products

Bona Wood Care & Maintenance Products – better for your floors, safer for the environment   Bona are a Swedish company who have been producing wood floor care products for almost a century. Their commitment to providing innovative floor care solutions has gained them a reputation for quality and efficiency. They are world renowned for […]

Bona Floor Care Products   Bona Wood Floor Polish Bona brand, is a brand of wood floor care products, about 100 years old. They make some of the best wood floor finishes in the world. All bona products are highly appreciated all over the planet and their reputation is getting better year on year. The main thing that […]


Bona Soap Cleaner

Buy It Here   Bona Soap Cleaner For Your Oiled Wooden Floor You love the beauty and durability of your wooden floor. When you oiled it, the oil enhanced its traits by penetrating the grain and hardening the wood fibres. You’ve already made the investment to have a great looking floor. Now you need to […]


Bona Hard Wax Oil Refresher

Buy It Here   Bona Hard Wax Oil Refresher Vital Tips on Bona Hard Wax Oil Refresher for Your Oiled Floor Maintenance and Protection Protecting your wood floors with hard wax oil is essential for long term beauty. Hard wax oil comprises a mix of natural oils and waxes that impregnate your wood and provide […]


Bona Cleaner For Oiled Floors

Buy It Here   Bona Cleaner For Oiled Floors Oil-finished flooring is both elegant and durable. It’s got such a rich colouring and patina that it brings an aura of sophistication to any room. Plus the finish doesn’t just stick on the surface- it seeps into the floor, making the surface itself tougher. But this […]

Tover Deteroil Oiled Floor Cleaner
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Oiled Floor Cleaner

Oiled Floor Cleaner If your floor was oiled with a hard wax oil or just a standard floor oil, you should be aware that your floor cannot be cleaned with standard floor cleaning products. Most floor cleaners contain moisture and oil and moisture don’t work together. So what can you use to clean and maintain […]