Have You Heard Of Bona Products?

Bona Wood Care Products

You might have heard a lot about Bona Wood Care products but have you tried them yet? People recommend Bona products because they are fantastic quality and they treat wood floors with the care and respect they deserve. Wood floors need gentle care, they need to be cleaned like any other type of floor but due to the nature of wood, harsh chemicals and overuse of water can cause irreparable damage over time. So, lesson number one in taking care of your wood floors, harsh chemicals and water should be avoided. Lesson number two, buy wood specific wood care and maintenance products such as Bona. Bona is a world renowned brand and with very good reason. Bona make exceptional products which will clean your wood floors quickly, easily and most importantly, gently. Bona = no harsh chemicals and no water.

How easy is it to clean my wood floors with Bona? With Bona’s award winning spray mop you can clean your wood floors in a simple spray and wipe operation. The Bona Spray Mop Kit contains a cartridge of Bona Wood Floor Cleaner, which is a wood specific floor cleaner. Bona Wood Floor Cleaner will remove dirt and grime with ease leaving no dulling residue on your wood floors. Bona Wood Floor Cleaner is safe for use on varnished or hard waxed solid and semi solid wood floors. It is a neutral, ready to use floor cleaning product. Bona Wood Floor Cleaner receives high ratings and great reviews from customers and the majority of people who use this product buy it again and again. The Bona spray mop cuts out the need to use a bucket and mop to clean your floor. It is easy to buy, easy to assemble, easy to use and great for your wood floors. Cleaning your floors couldn’t get any easier!

Buy Bona products online at www.cleanfast.ie for fast delivery to your home or business anywhere in Ireland. 

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