Bona Care For Your Floor’s Protection

Bona Wood Care Products

Bona Care For Your Floor’s Protection

The Brand

Bona is a globally-renowned brand when it comes to floor care- and with good reason. You don’t survive in a highly competitive industry for close to 100 years without having the edge. Founded in 1919 by Wilhelm Edner, the family-owned company that’s headquartered in Sweden has been providing quality floor care products to home and business owners, educational and health institutions, hospitality venues and entertainment centres- virtually anyone who is in the real estate industry and wants to install, maintain or renovate floors. Over the years, the company has dealt with a wide range of clients, and has witnessed the needs of the market evolving with changing trends, and each time it has risen to the occasion. This has seen it gain presence on the different continents, in over 70 countries through subsidiaries and distributors. As such, that’s a brand you can trust to protect the investment that is your floor installation.

A Comprehensive Range Of Floor Care Solutions

Bona products enable you to retain the beauty of your flooring, revitalise it after it’s worn down, and even change the colouration and tone to suit different types of decor. Different floor care solutions include:

• Bona Deep Clean System

This is a system specially designed to enable you to bring back that original lustre of your flooring instantly. At the core of the system is the Bona Deep Clean Solution. This concentrated cleaner provides a thorough wash on finished and oiled floors, be they indoors or the outdoor decking. It gets rid of the stubborn dirt and scuff marks without staining the wood, and revitalises the dull surface. Whether you want to use it to dissolve the deeply ingrained soiling, or degrease the surface before you apply polish or maintenance oil, the Bona Deep Clean Solution is up to the task. You can clean manually, or use it with the Bona PowerScrubber. Speaking of which, the PowerScrubber is a powerful and compact scrubbing machine, allowing you to remove even the toughest dirt and grime on your varnished and oiled wooden floors with ease. This is as a result of its two counter rotating cylindric brushes, that ensure a deep clean is achieved, and can also be used on rough, brushed parquet and wooden floors that have bevelled edges. Its compact nature makes it easy to manoeuvre, and using it is also a breeze, from the filling, cleaning process, and the transport. It’s also highly effective at picking up water from the floor surface thanks to its rubber squeegees, and has a recovery tank capacity of 10L. There are replacement Suction Bars available for maintenance of the PowerScrubber, and sold per piece, though for a full replacement you’ll need two.

The Deep Clean System also includes roller brushes, which are colour coded for different applications. The white roller brush is used on oiled or lacquered floors, the orange is intended for profiled decking, while the red is used for oiled and hard-wax floors. The green roller brush is lightly abrasive, and is recommended when you want to aggressively clean oiled floors. For stone and tile surfaces, that’s where the black roller brush comes in.

• Finishes – Maintenance

These are the overcoats applied onto the wood floor to increase attributes such as its stain and wear resistance, while also enhancing the aesthetic appeal. There are different options to choose from, depending on the surface requirements of your residential or commercial establishment, and also the tone you want to set. Take for instance the Bona Polish Matt. It’s a waterborne maintenance that has been reinforced with polyurethane, which sets a highly durable layer of protection on the wood. It is intended for use on finished parquet, and offer the protection without increasing the gloss. You also don’t need to buff the floor after you’ve applied it. On the other hand Bona Polish Gloss gives the floor a new lustre, while still providing the protection against wear. It can be used on multiple surfaces, from the finished parquet and laminate flooring, to linoleum and PVC. What’s more, it enhances the slip resistance of the surface, complying to DIN 18032:2 standards. Bona Freshen Up is a high gloss product that breathes new life into the flooring, giving dull floors a new lustre and shine. Polyurethane-dispersion based, and meeting both EN 14904:2006 and DIN 18032:2 on slip resistance, you can use the Bona Freshen Up for the wax-free maintenance of finished wood floors.

When it’s time to renovate the floor, whether you want to change the tone to spice things up, or the old finishes have worn down over time and they need to be removed and replaced, turn to the Bona Remover. Note that the finishes are tough coats that are designed to withstand abrasion, hence you want a product that is specially designed to break them down. Bona Remover does this, and it’s a concentrated polish stripper that is effective on floors finished with Bona Polish and Bona Freshen Up. You can also use it to remove black heel marks that have formed as a result of the traffic the floor handles, and also to treat floors that have become slippery. When it comes to the cleaning, you want to get rid of the dirt and grime on the finished floor without causing chemical reactions by using harsh products that affect the treatment. Bona Cleaner has been formulated for this. A concentrated detergent, it is used for machine- or manual-cleaning of finished wood and cork floors. A low foaming product, it is highly effective, reducing the amount of product that you use for every cleaning session. It also doesn’t leave behind any slippery or dulling residue.

• Oils – Maintenance

Oiled floors require specialised treatment, in order to enhance their beauty and get rid of the grime without affecting the protective oil coats that have been applied. For this, there are products such as Bona Soap, which is a detergent that has been based on vegetable oils for those cleaning and maintenance sessions on the oiled wooden floors. It can be used frequently, nourishing the surface and leaving behind a thin film that can be buffed to increase the shine. Bona Wax Oil Refresher on the other hand is a maintenance product that has been primarily designed for use with floors treated with Bona Hard Wax Oil. The refresher is a concentrate of natural oils and waxes, and it contains less than 2% solvents. In case you have treated your floor with Bona Craft Oil and you want to increase the protection against water and spills, you can also use the Bona Wax Oil Refresher.

To replenish the wood pores and offer long lasting protection, use the rapidly drying maintenance Bona Care Oil. It is for those floors that have already been oiled. Based on modified vegetable oils and with a low-viscous and easy-to-spread formulation, it penetrates the wood and bonds with it, allowing you to bring back that characteristic charm to your oiled floor without having to undertake a complete overhaul.

Reasons To Turn To Bona Products

1. Protect your floor

It’s under constant daily attack. As people walk around the premises, they grind dirt particles against the surface of the floor, gradually wearing it down. It’s the same effect with sandpaper. Over time, the abrasion can dig deeper into the surface layers, making the wood appear dull, and putting its structural integrity at risk. This is further intensified when you have persons tracking in substances like sand, soiling and asphalt from the outdoors, contributing to the grime being grinded against the floor. The kind of footwear people have on also factors in. Take for instance high heeled stilettos. While they look amazing when adorned, a 125-pound lady in the heels applies over 8000 pounds of pressure on the floor boards with each step she takes. This is because her entire body weight is focussed on a tiny section of the floor through the heel. Some footwear is a direct threat, like those with have metal heel supports, or shoes that have spikes. Your pets, especially cats and dogs, also affect the floor. As they run about the premises, they draw their claws and dig them into the surface in order to have a proper grip. While this gives them the agility they need to play around, it scratches the floor. Add to this food and drink spills. They create unsightly stains on the surface, ruining the elegance of your wood flooring. Without any treatment protecting it, the spills can seep deeper into the inner tissues of the wood, making them more permanent. Juice and wine stains, coffee and tea that spill from the dinner table at home or the employee lounge at work, all through to urine stains, they will ruin the appeal of the wood. On top of this is natural elements- from the sun’s radiation to the temperature and humidity fluctuations. The radiation causes the wood to dull and in some species it develops an amber tint. Since wood is a hygroscopic material the fluctuations in temperature and RH in its environment cause it to expand and contract accordingly, which over time causes gaps to form in the floor. The diverse products from Bona are designed to address these issues, protecting the floor and making repairs. From lacquers that increase the ability of the surface to handle high traffic, finishes that enhance the stain resistance of the floor and enable you to easily clean them off, to gap fillers for those cracks that have developed, you are able to protect your installation, keeping it elegant and prolonging its life.

2. Preserves the indoor air quality


Bona products and floor are systems are designed to achieve high quality results without putting Mother Nature, or the persons in the establishment at risk. This ranges from the dustfree sanding that is achieved using Bona DCS 70 vacuum that is compatible with belt and edger sanders, which sucks up the dust particles the moment they are chipped off from the floor, to low VOC lacquers that enhance the character and appeal of the flooring while maintaining the indoor air quality. The waterborne treatments and oil finishes have passed stringent EU regulations on environmental safety and sustainability. They meet quality measures such as the GREENGUARD certification and DIBt standards for low emissions. This enables you to address your floor care needs while reducing your carbon footprint at the same time.

3. Enhance the floor’s aesthetic appeal
With Bona products, you get to enhance the boost of your establishment by controlling the colouration and appearance of the wood flooring. Whether you want to retain the natural look and feel while accentuating the wood grain, give it a specific tone that brings out your personality, there are primers and finishes to meet your needs. They enable you to set a warm and inviting ambience in your own home, and give your business premises a professional touch that impresses your customers when they come over to seek your products and services, and also enhances the working conditions for your employees.

4. Quality tools for floor maintenance

The quality of your floor installation, refinishing, repair or renovation job will only be as good as the equipment you use. Bona has been working for decades with craftsmen across residential, commercial and even industrial establishments, understanding their requirements when working with the wooden floors. As a result, they have developed a wide range of tools and accessories that are seamlessly compatible with the Bona flooring products on offer. These include:

• Fastening tools


These are for when you’re preparing the floor for treatment. Here, there is equipment like a height-adjustable Notched Blade Handle which is for applying levelling compounds, a Spike Roller to vent the compounds, and even Spike Shoes that enable you to walk on the surface with freshly applied levelling compounds, epoxy primers and similar material, a 30-litre mixing plastic bucket, a stir stick that you use to mix the 2-componnt adhesives or primers, all through to 55 cm long iron pull bars for installing parquet, and a polyamide tapping block to ensure optimum bonding during installation. Cork strips are available for filling gaps like those that are formed between the tiles and wood flooring. When you’re done with the application, the Bona Cleaning Wipes with their textured tissue surface enable you to deep-clean and remove stubborn material.

• Coating applicators

They range from the Bona Microfiber Roller, that is used when you’re applying lacquers on the floor and is popular for its low degree of foam; the Bona Polyester Roller that enables you to maintain an even and high application rate with the lacquer; Bona Microfleece Roller that comes with a dense microfiber/microfleece pile for you to achieve a perfectly smooth application with waterborne finishes- and it even has sideguards that come in handy to maintain a consistent application; WB Roller- Wide that saves you time as you apply the waterborne primers and finishes on large areas like sports floors; the Velour Roller that is designed for hard wax oil and epoxy; the small sized and synthetic fiber Edge Roller for adding the coats to the edges; all through to the Bona Line Roller which is used to paint line-markings, its large diameter enabling it to hold more paint.

The rollers work with various components depending on your situation and ergonomic needs. There are Roller Handles of 10 and 25 cm, the larger 45 cm roller handle that has been designed with a locking function which allows you to easily fit and release the roller, and the small 55 mm roller handle. There are also professional Bona Extension Bars that come with quick-release locking function for ease of use, and you can go for the 80-170 cm bar or the 110 – 200 cm bar. Keeping the roller safe and moist as you store or transport is a job for the Bona Rollerbox.

There are even floor brushes, also designed for specialised use cases- from those with fine and tightly packed bristles that are used when applying hard wax oil and decking oil, 20 cm floor brushes intended for oil and lye, the 30cm Floor Brush Pro that is highly durable and can be used across the scope with waterborne finishes, waterborne paints and lye, and comes in a convenient cover for safety during storage and transportation. You even have an Oil Application Sleeve made from synthetic fiber that is used when applying low-viscosity oil, and can also be used with Bona Nordic Tone and Bona Rich Tone. This has its compatible applicator handle complete with a swivel head. Oil Squeegees are also available for the quick and simple application of the wide range of Bona Oils. For the waterborne finishes, there’s a foam and synthetic fiber applicator sleeve, also with its swivel head applicator handle.

In case you want to make quick repairs on the wood cork, or laminate floor, like filling scratches and cavities, you can use the Bona Wax Repair Kit. It’s a complete set of 20 hard wax sticks, with a butane-driven hot knife, scraper, needle and wiping cloth, and with colours for different wood types- from pine, dark and light oak, beech, pear, birch, ash to conventional black, white, cream, green and even red. You can also combine waxes to make a perfect match. The hot-knife melts the wax as you attend to the damages, directly reaching the required operating temperature. Easy-to-use, you can make repairs in just a couple of minutes with the kit. Add to this stainless steel trowels for Bona waterborne finishes, oils and fillers, floor scrappers that get to the hard-to-reach areas like the region close to the skirting board or those troublesome corners, rip-resistant cotton cloths that you can use for the cleaning, oiling and buffing of the surface, oak lamellas to repair your parquet floor, all through to the Bona Mixing Bottle that has clearly labelled volume markings to enable you prepare the solutions that need decantation before application. The mixing bottle comes with markings for Bona Traffic, Traffic Anti-Slip, Traffic HD, Naturale 2-comp plus Bona Wave. You get well-equipped for a professional quality job with your floor project.

• Measurement products

Here the goal is to ensure there’s accuracy when assessing the wood itself plus the working environment as you proceed with the flooring project. Bona provides tools like the GANN CM Device which measures moisture, calcium carbide ampoules to use with the device; the GANN Hydromette RTU 600 for the wood, subfloors, temperature and air humidity measurements; GANN Hydromette Compact B that’s specially designed for moisture measurements for screeds; a surface hardness tester for screeds which comes complete with a guide plate; and also a V-Head that enables you to evaluate the surface evenness of the floor.

• Safety gear

This category includes equipment that is designed to protect you as you carry out the different stages of the floor maintenance project. For instance, when sanding, be it an untreated floor or its the intermediate sanding in between coats of finish, you can protect yourself with dust masks such as 3M Respirator Mask, 9310 which protects against compact particles, 3M Respirator Mask, 9322 that is useful against respirable dust, or the reusable 3M Respirator Mask, 9332 which comes with an exhalation valve. As you coat the floor, you also want to protect your shoes, and you can do that with the Disposable Booties, which are plastic shoe covers.

5. Timely effective applications

You’re on the clock. Perhaps you’re a realtor preparing a residential, office or retail space for a viewing, and you have a deadline to meet. You may be a business owner renovating the working environment and you want as minimal disruption as possible. It may even be at home, and you want your daily life to resume its normalcy, especially since the floor maintenance project will mean that huge sections of the interior space are sealed off until the treated area has dried. You want products and systems that will enable you to get the task done fast, without compromising on the quality of the results. That’s what Bona gives you. From highly efficient sanding machines that easily get through tough coatings on the floor to expose the bare wood underneath, easy applicators that allow you to add the primers and finishes to the surface, and quick dying and curing times for the products used, this lets you to allow traffic back onto the finished floor in a couple of hours, usually within a day.

6. Detailed instructions

Bona doesn’t just thrust you into the arena without showing you the ropes. The different products come with step-by-step usage instructions, that way you can achieve professional results each time. There are even comprehensive manuals covering the various floor maintenance systems such as:

– Lacquer system

Here is when you’re treating the floor with your preferred Bona lacquer. Start with a coarse and medium sanding of the surface using Bona Belt and Edge Sander or the Bona Power Drive. Take the Bona Mix & Fill Plus and use it to fill the gaps and cracks on the floor with a trowel. Sand the surface with a fine grit using the Belt and Edge Sander, and then carry out a final sanding with Bona FlexiSand. Once you’ve vacuumed up the sanding dust, apply the first layer, which is the base coat. You can use Bona White, Natural, Classic, Intense, Amber, or Bona Quick. The primer you choose depends on the desired colour requirements, whether you want the wood to retain its natural look and fill or whether you want to set a tone for the floor.

The surface is now ready for the lacquer. Choose your topcoat and apply it onto the floor with a Bona Microfiber Roller. For instance, for the domestic establishments with normal levels of wear, you can use Bona Novia. For those with heavy wear, go for Bona Mega or Traffic. For areas with very high levels of foot traffic, hence very high wear is expected, use Bona Traffic HD. Allow the intermediate drying time of 3-4 hours and lightly sand the surface using Bona FlexiSand or Buffer. Apply an additional coat of the same Bona lacquer that you had used. Allow the coats to dry and cure. In case there will be extremely high levels of traffic, you can add an extra coat.

-Getting a natural look

These are the cases where you want to enhance the wear resistance attribute of the floor, while still retaining that natural beauty of the wood. As always, the floor will first need to be sanded, and the gaps and cracks filled. Once this is done and the sanding dust vacuumed off, apply the Bona Natural primer using a microfiber roller.

The next stage depends on the level of traffic expected. For domestic and residential situations, add a layer of Bona Mega Natural. For commercial establishments and public areas that are expected to have heavy wear, apply Bona Traffic Natural. After this second coat, allow it to dry for around 3 hours, then sand the surface with a fine grit, using Bona FlexiSand or Bona Buffer. Add an extra layer of the topcoat used.

-Sportive system

For the wood sports floors, you’ll follow the initial stages of sanding with Bona Belt and Edge Sander or the Bona Power Drive, and fill the gaps and cracks with Bona Mix & Fill Plus. Finely sand the floor and obtain a smooth surface using the FlexiSand or Buffer. The floor is now ready for treatment. First apply Bona Sportive Primer, and allow 2-3 hours drying time.
Mix the Bona Sportive Finish with the accompanying hardener for 1 minute, and apply this solution onto the floor. Give it about 3 hours to dry then lightly sand the surface with the FlexiSand or Buffer. Take your Sportive Paint and apply the line markings depending on the rules game that will be played on the floor, be it tennis, volleyball, basketball, or even gymnastics. Lightly sand the surface again with the same systems, though you can now also use the Bona Scrad System. Apply 2 additional layers of the Bona Sportive Finish using the microfiber roller, and wait for the floor to dry and completely cure.

-Oiling the floor

For this, you will also start with sanding the floor, and ensuring that those unsightly gaps and cracks are filled. Once ready, follow these procedures depending on the choice of application:

a) With Pure Oil treatment, apply Bona Craft Oil onto the surface using a steel trowel, rubber blade or Bona Wood Pad, until the wood gets saturated. Massage the oil into the wood. This is achieved using a pad attached to the Bona FlexiSand- a red pad for coloured oil or green pad for natural oil. Remove the surplus with a cotton cloth, then allow it to dry. Enhance the quality of the results by dry buffing using a wool pad.

  1. b) When treating with Bona Nordic tone, spread it onto the floor using an application sleeve, and allow to dry for 4 to 5 hours. Use Bona FlexiSand or Scrad Pad to finely sand the surface, then vacuum away the dust generated. Apply a coat of Bona Craft Oil using a Bona WoolPad, rubber place or steel trowel, and ensure that the wood is saturated. Go ahead to massage the oil into the wood using a red pad that’s attached to Bona FlexiSand, then remove the excess with a cotton cloth. Allow to dry and buff with the wool pad.

  2. c) For treating with Bona Rich Tone, apply it onto the floor with a sleeve and also allow 4-5 hours of drying time. Finely sand the surface with either Bona Scrad Pad or FlexiSand, then remove the dust with a vacuum cleaner. Saturate the wood floor with Bona Craft Oil, using a rubber blade, steel trowel or wool pad for the application, then work the oil into the wood with Bona FlexiSand. Thereafter, remove the excess oil that remains on the surface with a cotton cloth and let the floor dry. An additional dry buffing with Bona Wool Pad is recommended.
    There are plenty more application procedures, for Bona Hard Wax Oil, all through to the Craft Oil 2K System. The basic steps are easy to follow, and you will be able to get the task done in moments.

    History of delivering quality

When you’re looking for floor care products, you want to be sure that you’re getting a value return for your investment. With Bona, the global client base, popularity all through the near-10 decades of its existence, plus the numerous reviews and ratings across the different continents where its products are sold, you are certain that you’re floor is going to receive the quality care it deserves. The numerous reviews and ratings from market to market are testament of the value and trust that customers place in Bona, and the satisfaction that it provides. With a business that delivers on its mandate, actually walking the talk and protecting floors all around the world, that’s a brand that will protect your floor.


Bona Wood Care Products

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