Window Cleaning – Domestic Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning – Domestic Window Cleaning – Commercial Window Cleaning You want well-planned, fast, and effective services. The dirt should be got off the windows without creating a fracas in your business premises, affecting normal operations. Confusion and injuries are not things you want in the middle of a busy day at work. The traffic […]

window cleaning dublin

Window Cleaning Dublin

Window Cleaning Dublin – Commercial Window Cleaning Our personnel will carry out such a thorough cleaning that you will give a positive impression to your customers, both existing and those potential ones who are passing by your premises in search of your products and services. They will clean the windows so well that the customers […]

Business Directory Ireland

Getting Your Business Listings In Order Business directory listings are a valuable local SEO tool, whether you’re a fully operational enterprise with years in the trade, or a recently launched start-up looking to gain a foothold in a competitive niche. You want to ensure you get it done right in order to maximise on the […]

Fastdeal Business Directory

Fastdeal Business Directory How Business Directory Listings Boost Your SEO Efforts The goal of search engine optimization (SEO) is to increase the web traffic to your site, and lead to more conversions. You want to rank higher on the search engine result pages (SERPs), hence put plenty of work in it, from optimizing for voice searches, focussing […]

Cleanfast Bona

Have You Heard Of Bona Products?

You might have heard a lot about Bona Wood Care products but have you tried them yet? People recommend Bona products because they are fantastic quality and they treat wood floors with the care and respect they deserve. Wood floors need gentle care, they need to be cleaned like any other type of floor but […]

Bona Products

Bona Care For Your Floor’s Protection

Bona Care For Your Floor’s Protection The Brand Bona is a globally-renowned brand when it comes to floor care- and with good reason. You don’t survive in a highly competitive industry for close to 100 years without having the edge. Founded in 1919 by Wilhelm Edner, the family-owned company that’s headquartered in Sweden has been […]

Bona Products Ireland

Bona Products   Wood floors are timeless and beautiful, they will never go out of fashion. Homeowners are more mindful of how they take care of their wood floors to ensure they retain their beauty for as long as possible, they are looking for high quality wood floor cleaners, wood floor refreshers, wood floor polishes, […]

Evans Defoamer

Evans Defoamer

Evans Defoamer 5L Review Foaming during cleaning can be a frustrating problem. From vacuum loss caused by the foaming residue, stopping periodically to water down the foam generated in the machine, removing the hose from the wand due to foam hampering their delivery, all through to the build-up in recovery tanks of rotary extraction and […]

Cleanfast Hand Sanitizer Gel

Cleanfast Alcohol Hand Sanitizer Gel – Data Sheet

  PRODUCT INFORMATION SHEET   ALCOHOL HAND SANITIZER GEL   PRODUCT INFORMATION: A quick acting, quick drying, colourless gel hand sanitizer containing 70% ethanol to kill organisms by denaturing their proteins & dissolving their lipids. Effective against most bacteria, fungi & many viruses. Designed for regular use, contains moisturising agents to ensure skin does not […]

Cleanfast Cream Pearl Soap

Cleanfast Cream Pearl Hand, Body & Hair Wash – Data Sheet

  PRODUCT INFORMATION SHEET   CREAM PEARL HAND, HAIR & BODY WASH   PRODUCT INFORMATION: Pearlized, fragranced, hair & body shampoo. Suitable for all hair & skin types. Cleans & conditions to remove general soils, light oils & greases. Ideal for use in Hotels, Gyms & Sporting Clubs etc _________________________________________________________   ADVANTAGES: GENTLE FORMULATION: Contains […]